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"When I first started working with Maria, I was in constant pain and miserable. My emotional state reflected itself in back pain. I say ‘working’ because her approach is not one where the patient is a passive receiver. She helps you take control of your body, feel present, enjoy its movement and learn what works for you best, physically and emotionally. I now have more empathy for my body. I am better aligned. I don’t have pain most of the time and when pain wants to come back, I know how to deal with it. I sleep better. I enjoy life more. I feel rejuvenated after every session. I strongly recommend Maria."


Ece Ozdemiroglu 

Economics Consultant 

I have been working with Maria since 2003.  She is a remarkable healer and facilitator.  I have sent her many clients over the years and vice versa.  We have had tremendous results with her bodywork and my pilates skills bringing out the best in every individual that comes our way. Nearly 20 years on, and our professional relationship continues to deepen and flourish. 


Laura Curry

Hoxton Pilates

"I had an injury and Maria helped me a lot in giving me suggestions, massage and exercises. This was all really helpful.”


Abdulla Althani 


"She has wisdom, patience, deep knowledge and understanding and always tries to accentuate the positive, building on my strengths. I always feel enlivened, taller and more connected when I leave a session with Maria.”


Neil Braithwaite 


"Maria was professional, knowledgeable and delivered the best massage I have ever had, it was truly therapy. I was relaxed and energised.”


Lynn Giovanelli

"During the ten sessions with fantastic Maria, I’ve learnt new things about my body’s abilities. Both my body and mind feels stretched and relaxed. The results have also lasted longer than a normal massage.”


Nina Thortensson Nwese


"I am amazed how much the Structural Integration therapy has increased my body awareness. You have helped me to understand the cause of my problems and taught me how to correct my destructive habits of body movements. I enjoy bringing what I have learned into my daily life in order to re-educate parts of my body. The feeling that the body can work without effort is great. I always leave each treatment ‘pulled together and sculpted’ and with a feeling that different body parts work in harmony.”


Ruth Rascheef 

"Thanks for giving me a new spine, increased health and confidence in my body to enjoy moving in a whole new level. I am lighter, freer and at home in my core. As a fifty year old dance teacher, I hope to continue receiving treatments from Maria for the rest of my life so I can continue to move with ease and grace.”



Kerry Ribchester

Hellerwork Practitioner & Dance Teacher 

"My focus was on building my core to fully recover after breaking my back and having spinal fusion. After ten sessions, Maria decompressed my lower back. My yoga and Pilates instructors both noticed it. It felt so liberating. I trust Maria's intuition and her skill. All the ten sessions are immensely valuable and I experienced results after one session. I'll never forget after that first session avert tall friend asked me if I was wearing heels (something unusual for me), I said: "No". She kept looking at me and finally said: "Huh, you seem taller." I knew right away it was Maria's magic" 


Veena Vasista 


"Simply one of the best massages I’ve ever had. Maria understands the body in depth and provides an exceptional massage. A world class massage, taking you away from stresses and to a place where inner peace can be found.”


Paul L. Palendjlan

"Maria is a natural healer who brings profound understanding, wisdom and a range of effective practical applications to her work.” 


Gen Cengiz Necati, Personal & Business Consultant

"Simply one of the best massages I’ve ever had. Maria understands the body in depth and provides an exceptional massage. A world class massage, taking you away from stresses and to a place where inner peace can be found.”


Paul L. Palendjlan

"My weekly Gyrotonic sessions with Maria have become a wonderful source of relaxation and renewal. After a stressful working day the training enables me to reconnect with my body and to calm my mind. As a result of continuous practice my body awareness has increased, my posture and alignment in daily life has improved and now I rarely suffer from back pain.  I would highly recommend Gyrotonic exercise with Maria to anyone." 


Petra Tschiene, Distribution Controller

"Gyrokinesis exercise was absolutely wonderful. I felt like I'd had a full body massage from the inside out."


Scott Poulton, Personal Trainer

"I highly recommend Maria for her knowledge and experience in maintaining a healthy, strong and flexible body.  I have been to see many physiotherapists and musculoskeletal consultants during my 14 year professional career as a Strong Man Competitor of the UK and I found her approach to be the most beneficial and effective to maintain my core strength, power, agility and energy throughout my regimental training and weekly competitions. Her expertise and knowledge is world class."


Jimmy Marku

Strong Man UK Competitor/Winner 2006-2009

“I was referred to Maria in November 2018 and I haven't looked back. She is such a kind, patient and intuitive soul. The extra time she spent by phone before we ever met instantly put me at ease that she was truly in this line of work to help others heal (I've spent 28 years with chronic pain). Each visit Maria tailors the session to suit my immediate needs and I always leave feeling better as well as have the skills to continue exercises at home to enable me to continue to heal. Maria is able to tailor sessions to incorporate a variety of modalities that range from structural integration, cranial sacral and lymphatic drainage - and she knows exactly what combination your body needs each session. I also appreciate that she's available by text or email when questions arise and I feel I can reach out to her and not have to wait for my next appointment. My health has fundamentally improved under Maria's care and I highly recommend her without reservations.” 


Lindsey Roberts, Teacher

“Maria has an amazing understanding of the body and can quickly assess any imbalances and by the end of the session these are corrected. Since seeing her, the over curvature in my back has improved as well as my posture and walking. I enjoy our sessions

as my body feels revitalised afterwards and Maria is lovely to work with. I would highly recommend her for her bodywork treatments and as an expert in her field.“


Sophie Fleming, Entrepreneur

“Maria Trindade’s structural integration treatments are remarkable.The depth of her expertise is matched by a tender touch and an ability to fully tailor every session to the individual. Over 30 years, I’ve seen a range of specialists for sports and traumatic injuries and well-being treatments in London, New York City and Washington, DC. Few if any match Maria’s calibre.”


Kate: Published in the Barbican Life Magazine June 2018

“Maria came highly recommended to me from a work colleague of my wife.
Following a devastating stroke in early 2012, I have struggled with movement issues and more importantly, chronic nerve pain throughout my left side.
Through a course of weekly appointments with Maria I learnt to reconnect with my affected side through basic Pilates movements but more importantly she taught me some wonderful meditation techniques which I have continued to use.
Maria was always attentive, considerate and very knowledgeable, she seemed to know how to connect with my body and mind. This gave me back control of my body. Thank you Maria.”


Philip Foster, Project Manager

“I have had six Structural Integration sessions with Maria so far

and I’ve found her to be highly intuitive, knowing what my body needs before I do. I’ve benefited from each session in a different way and I would highly recommend for any pain or stress within

the body as well as overall relaxation. I don’t think I could go

back to regular massage.”


Kathryn Reay, Freelancer Project Manager

“I came to Maria after my Vaser Liposuction, I was really stiff and sore, Maria took care of me. After 1 session I saw a huge difference in my movement, the colour of my skin and the way I felt. I knew I had to keep going with my sessions. I have lost weight, areas of my body and face are more toned and I feel amazing too. Maria’s deep knowledge in her work is so beneficial, I have learnt how to eat and live healthier and exercises I can do suitable for me. I’m glad I found Maria, truly grateful for her care.”


Moriom Khatun, Carer

“Maria Trindade is a gifted, exceptional, accomplished and inspired world class therapist, who walks her talk.
She is highly trained in effective, leading-edge therapies and has years of experience in applying therapeutic disciplines to fit the clients needs and transform their physical and emotional state.
Maria has been treating me for the past fifteen years. During that time I have witnessed her passion to continuously invest in training and all the latest scientific and therapeutic developments.
She has a truly profound and sensitive approach with a heartfelt commitment to her clients wellbeing. Her sensitive touch and knowledge of the body helped me regain my full range of movement when I injured my back. She then supported me through my pregnancy and post birth. She inspired me to regain the stability of my pelvis and tone the pelvic floor. Therefore I did not need to have an operation after her treatments.
I also had the good fortune to be treated by her after a car accident and a head injury. Her ability to fluidly move from Structural Integration to Craniosacral Therapy  or into Manual Lymphatic Drainage meant she was able to restore my movement to such high level that I could carry on dancing professionally well into my late forties.
Whatever the issue I have with life’s twist and turns, after a treatment from Maria I feel lighter, more grounded, connected and youthful. Her sessions have a tremendous nurturing effect uplifting my spirits and boosting my body confidence.”


Kerry Ribchester, Hellerwork Practioner & Director Key 2 Cuba

“I have had lower back pain for many years. I went to Maria for her Structural Integration treatment to try and see if it could achieve any lasting results.
The treatment was very unusual for me. It felt as Maria was just repositioning my body in the most gentle manner. I’ve used to deep tissue massage and this felt nothing like that.
After several sessions, I began to feel the results up to the point where I no longer had any aches or pains.”


Alejandro Guajardo, Administration

“I have been working with Maria over the last two years and the results have been tremendous. I completed a full course of structural integration that focused on my bad posture and to correct various old injuries and the results were great. Not only did I notice the changes but also friends and family noticed my new posture and movement. I have carried on having regular sessions and at the end of each, I come away feeling energised and my muscles feeling relaxed and fluid. The work has also made me much more body aware which has helped with my work and sports. I have recommended Maria to friends who have also found her work invaluable and I would recommend Maria to anyone looking to get their body and mind in balance.”


Mark Whittington, Technical Manager

“Maria has several therapies she can draw upon to meet individual needs and this, coupled with her obvious experience and deep sensitivity to my requirements as a client, resulted in a great improvements to my wellbeing. I walked out of each session with what felt like a different body and sense of emotional balance. If you are looking for long-lasting improvements to pain levels, physical posture and vitality I would thoroughly recommend taking some sessions with Maria.”


Celia Joseph, Legal Document Production

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