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Matrix Rhythm Therapy

What is Matrix Rhythm Therapy?

Matrix Rhythm Therapy was developed based on research studies into cell biology which found that all the cells of living biological systems vibrate rhythmically. Advanced video microscopy confirmed that the human body is constantly oscillating in a frequency range between 8-12 Hz or vibrations per second. Studies have also found that muscular disorders slow down these vibrations, impairing the efficient functioning of cells, which may cause changes in muscle tissue, blood vessels and nerve tissue.


Matrix Rhythm Therapy is an oscillation therapy aimed directly at the musculoskeletal system. Application of the Matrixmobil®  device restores the body’s natural healthy tissue rhythms by creating muscle vibration at the range of 8-10 Hz, producing intrinsic body rhythms and micro extension of deeper layers of connective tissue simultaneously. Coherent mechanical-magnetic oscillations are reintroduced into the body to reactivate, regenerate and readapt the biochemical and physical processes. 


This therapy has evolved from the classical vibration therapy traditionally prescribed as an effective treatment in rehabilitation and sports medicine. It is particularly effective combined with Structural Integration to assist the body’s healing potential to restore and repair.

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What are the benefits?

Matrix Rhythm Therapy® restores normal connective tissue function, reinstates the body’s elasticity, improves the venous and lymphatic flow, clearing away the waste by products of the body. It boosts the immune system, improves circulation, reduces oedema, improves the flexibility and mobility of muscles and bones, improves the appearance of scar tissue, relaxes muscle tension and reduces acute or chronic pain.



What should you expect?

The Matrixmobil® device sends a pulsation into the body which induces deep relaxation of your nervous system.


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Eczema pre-Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Eczema after three 30 minute sessions of Matrix Rhythm Therapy administered within one month

Matrixmobil® is used with the permission of Dr Ulrich Randoll

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