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What is Craniosacral Integration? 
In recent years Craniosacral Therapy has become extensively practised and continues to gain popularity worldwide. In our quest to maintain health we are seeking creative alternative healing approaches  that conventional methods have been unable to solve. As a result many people are looking to Energy Medicine to treat their emotional or physical traumas such as chronic pain.

William Sutherland, the forefather of Cranial Osteopathy devoted his life to developing a deeper understanding of the forces that govern our lives. He was the first to perceive a subtle palpable movement within the bones of the cranium which he then discovered the continuity of the rhythmic fluid throughout the bodies tissues. This rhythmic motion has inspired the Craniosacral process to be developed.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle but potent, non-invasive, hands on treatment. Disease, stress, injury and trauma can compromise the body’s natural energetic forces.

The human body has the potential to heal itself, reorganise, realign and integrate in response to the biodynamic forces within the bodies matrix system. The matrix is a force field that surrounds our physical body known as the etheric body or aura. The natural forces from the universal matrix flow through us. Quantum Physics suggest that we are  forms of energy and not just skin, bones, muscle, organs and fluids. All our body structures are composed of cellular molecules, atoms and subatomic particles that are in constant motion and interaction with each other. The body is a living coherent matrix system comprised of particles and waves bound together by eletro-magnetic and nuclear forces permeating within the wider matrix of the universal field around us. The forces of nature determine the natural growth and healing process from our embryonic development to our adulthood providing the body with the natural resources to heal itself. These forces are expressed in our body as rhythmic motion. When the therapist engage with these forces the clients system has an opportunity to reboot itself as the therapeutic forces can be directed to the the areas that need attention the most.


Craniosacral Integration
Distant Craniosacral Therapy

What should you expect?
Sessions are mainly carried out with clients lying down, fully clothed in a quiet space, using light manipulation and holding techniques throughout the body with the emphasis on the cranium, spine and sacrum.

The therapist tunes in to the body’s natural expression wave like rhythmic pulse. Balancing the flow of Cerebrospinal fluid, reseting the central nervous system and freeing blockages of the bodies energy flow to allow the bodies inherent healing potential to flow. 

When the bodies natural energetic forces are compromised, disease, stress, injury and trauma may lead to pain or disturbed bodily functions that may be reflected in the quality of the tissues, asymmetries and restricted expression of rhythmic motion locally or throughout the whole body.

Who is it for?
Craniosacral Therapy is suitable for everyone from newborn babies to adults.
Managing chronic physical & emotional pain. Working in many levels of the bodies system to unravel the held patterns in the physical, emotional and energetic system including  birth trauma.

What is Distant Craniosacral Therapy?
Distant Craniosacral therapy utilises the Craniosacral process remotely. The therapist tunes in with the clients matrix system in a biodynamic way. Clients may find the experience of remote work to be more profound as a deeper energetic engagement can be  established.
Distant Craniosacral therapy can be beneficial when the client cannot physically travel to the clinic for their follow up session and needs treatment to resource and balance the body-mind connection.

What are the benefits?
Craniosacral Therapy can help to reduce tension and stress, relieve pain, balance the nervous system, improve general health and the body’s overall performance as well as build underlying energy.

For more information on Craniosacral Therapy visit the Craniosacral Therapy Association website


I experienced a distant  craniosacral treatment from Maria, as  I was having trouble  sleeping and I was tired all the time. I have had many Craniosacral treatments from three different practitioners, so I knew the benefits, but a distant treatment was unknown to me. As I lay on my bed I felt Maria connecting to my nervous system gently. My head began to respond, lightly moving and unwinding from right to left. It felt like she was holding my head. I became aware of my arms and legs getting heavier and feeling a tingly connection through my spine to the periphery of my skin. It was extra-ordinary. After about twenty minutes I fell to a very deep sleep that lasted hours. When I woke up I felt energised, calm and connected from my feet to my head.For me this was a very deep and powerful experience. Normally after a session, I have to get home by car and be aware of my surroundings. The beauty of this treatment was that I was able to sleep for hours, at home in a completely altered state. Anyone suffering from anxiety, stress or exhaustion would really benefit from Maria’s profound long distance craniosacral treatment. 


Kerry Ribchester, Hellerwork Practitioner & Director Key 2 Cuba

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