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What if you could have the body you've always desired?

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In our modern day society we have a tendency to wish we could change aspects of our physical appearance. We want to live life in a way where we are as young looking as possible, whilst maintaining our youthful body shape for as long as we possibly can. This leads some of us to take extreme measures in order to have the desired look. Structural Integration is an alternative method that can offer you a possible solution as long as you are willing to commit to the process of the transformation. People are becoming more demanding and creative in their approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which is why a bodily MOT is essential in the process of seeking alternative anti-aging methods to sustain the longevity of one’s life.


Our bodies are designed to move gracefully and effortlessly, yet we tend to suffer from aches and pains as we stiffen and find ourselves less flexible in our daily activities. The body contains at least 70% water, as we constantly negotiate emotional and physical stresses from injuries, muscle tension from under-active or overuse muscle fibres recruitment and poor posture. Our body’s posture reflects our experience, which if not unwound, gets stuck. Consequently, due to these stresses our body is continually shaping us in our own resulting image. The fluidity and flexibility in the body adapts to a more rigid body structure that leads to a more limited body movement, poor posture, muscle fatigue and lack of energy. Body language is important as it’s not just the words we say, but the attitude of the way we express ourselves in body-movement that give people a sense of where we are in themselves. By addressing our postural alignment, we can rehabilitate the affected parts and work towards finding our core strength, giving us a sturdy and relaxed body.


Maria Trindade says that aging can be accelerated because of restricted range of movement and lack of core strength, so that we can get through the stresses and strains of everyday living due to a modern sedentary lifestyle.


The Structural Integration series is a body conditioning treatment that restores the natural physical balance and co-ordination needed to enhance flexibility and strength. Each session includes light to deep massage, which alongside active client participation unwinds restricted connective tissue, freeing up the way for stronger and connected core movement. Some clients describe the treatment as a feeling of being ironed out. As our body is adaptable we can sculpt it to a new alignment and with assisted manipulation. This allows you to look more radiant and feel great. For example, love handles or flab around the waist becomes present when the space between the ribcage and the pelvis is compressed. When the area is decompressed the love handles recede giving a lengthened waist line, leading to a more shapely connected body, that brings back the feeling of lightness and fluidity, in order to reach your best shape. It is unrealistic to suggest that we can fix the body in two sessions as it is the continual gradual process that will lead you to a body that you are looking for which is a new sense vibrancy and body sculptured, so you can feel that you have the confidence to look good naked.


A series of exercises are used to support and assist the client in meeting their goals, whether learning appropriate muscle recruitment in training or focusing on the postural alignment needs of everyday function. Over a period of time bodily shifts are sustained through awareness and practice.



The benefits:

  • Awareness of posture and breathing Reducing pain and tension Understanding core connections Enhancing flexibility & balance Improving co-ordination

  • Boosting immune system

  • Overall results:

  • Improved body shape (Tone)

  • Looking taller and leaner

  • Being more confident Feeling good naked Energised

  • Stability and strength Healthier and feeling good Attractive

  • Body language- Positive, assertiveness (Balance aligned body)


Structural Integration is most effective when used in conjunction with a tailored exercise regime targeting specific areas that need sculpting. The transformation process will assist you meeting your desired new self image.


Maria is a Structural Integration specialist, tailoring her sessions according to the individual needs of her clients: GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Instructor

Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Member of the International Association of Structural Integrators Therapy (IASI) & Member of the Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI) 

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